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Key Note Talks

Our keynote speakers are top specialists in their field and leading experts working with Scour and Erosion

Leading voices and thought-leaders


  • Andreas Roulund, Senior Lead, Seabed and Cables, EPC and Operations, Ørsted
    • Title: Present and future scour and cable protections solutions - Reef habitats of offshore wind
  • David Fuhrman, Professor of Coastal Dynamics, Technical University of Denmark
    • Title: Computational fluid dynamics simulation of scour processes
  • B. Mutlu Sumer; Prof. Emeritus and Founder BM Sumer Consultants
    • Title: Scour and liquefaction issues for anchors and other subsea structures in floating offshore wind farms
  • Shinji Sassa; Head of Soil Dynamics Group and Research Director, Port and Airport Research Institute
    • Title: Recent advances in the mechanics and countermeasures of scour and erosion
  • Richard Whitehouse, Chief Technical Director, Sediment Dynamics, Coasts and Oceans, HR Wallingford
    • Title: Insights on foundation scour gained from laboratory testing
  • Yorick Broekema, Hydraulic Engineer, Deltares
    • Title: Handbook of scour and cable protection methods – Advances in tools and modelling